It is a bit windy !!!

So this evening I managed to get home through the floods to find Kate in the barn working away at getting it sorted ready for a feed delivery tomorrow. So I volunteered to collect the eggs and feed the pigs.

Well I nearly got blown away !! The metal shutters on the barn were bowing in like a sail as the wind blew directly on them.. we dare not open them.

The chickens lay was down …. they probably had had a hard time staying in the the correct position! They were all sheltering under the houses and even the ducks seemed to be having a hard time.

The pigs were fine, frollicking in the mud !

The turkeys were well spooked …. particularly as their run ( conservatory ) was moving in the gusts !! It was a bit scary climbing into the run to shut them in their house this evening…. but we have survived 🙂

So tomato pasta something with sausage meat balls and basil in the wood burner which is making the caravan small good and lovely and warm.

Mind you after tea we are off to the Fruiterers Arms to see if we have any meat orders for tomorrow. We deliver to the Fruits every Friday after we have done the Droitwich egg round…. it kind of finishes the day off well 🙂

This is what we are hoping the turkey house will look like in the morning !

Oh and we have already decided against the pub tonight ………. it is lovely and cosy here 🙂

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