Getting ready for Christmas :-)

So at last I can mention the C word 🙂 Kate now has all the lists she needs, and a diary sheet and it is all systems go in getting ready for Christmas….. and we think we can do it in time! Well actually Christmas Day is not actually what we are getting ready for…. as I am working an Early shift and Kate will be doing the morning and evening rounds here on the farm. What we are thinking we may well be kind of organised for is Willow Farm Christmas orders … delivery and collection. Did I mention Kate has lists !!!!!!!!!! And a folder !!!!!!!!!!!!  The turkeys are looking great and I must make sure Kate actually saves a gammon joint for us !

Today I have been very useful around the farm ……….. even if I say so myself 🙂 I have been doing the farming whilst Kate has been going through her tidying the barn list as we have a feed delivery tomorrow.

It has been a beautiful day …. a little chilly but with my thermals and padded shirt I have been snuggly warm.

Kate had a few spare minutes during which time she fixed the chimney cowl 🙂

It is amazing what you can turn your hand too ……………

talking of which I have made a steak and kidney casserole today which has been cooking in the stove all day and we are going to demolish shortly. The beef came from our friends Jo and Veronica, or rather from their cow, and it is delicious.

Anyway early to work tomorrow so I am signing off now …… .:-)

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