Christmas is coming … the Turkeys are being plucked :-)

So we have had a Christmasy weekend………….. and what a beautiful day it was yesterday. We went next door to the Christmas tree farm and chose our little tree.


It is the prickliest and for once I dont care about needle drop!

003It needed little bit of trimming to fit it into the base.

006Held into position and then attached securely to the barn.


Finishing touches and we have a tree 🙂


Just waiting for the lights …………..


Otherwise we have not even bought Christmas cards yet … let alone written any!

We are due a cold snap…………….. seasonal but frozen water troughs does make it a little bit harder caring for our livestock and the rounds take a lot longer.

We are looking forward to December 22nd when we have about 50 people coming to collect their Christmas orders and share some Christmas cheer with us 🙂

So life is good here at Willow Farm and we continue to have the adventure of a lifetime………. starting and developing a smallholding from scratch and producing wonderful meat and eggs from traditional breeds cared for to high welfare standards.

Ok hot coffee for the workers coming up !

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