Post Christmas snoozes !

Now I am rather partial to a snooze, particularly on a Sunday afternoon………. maybe it is my age ……..maybe it is the way Kate works me so very hard !
Anyway now Christmas is over I am taking advantage of a few days off and a little lull in prceedings and catching up on some sleep and some reading………. in between keeping the fire going feeding pigs and chickens and collecting eggs.

Christmas was a lovely day … with me sneaking out at crack of porridge to go to work in Malvern, leaving Kate snoozing.
By the time I got home from work, via the Fruiterers Arms to collect Kate, it was dark but we got spruced up and went hot foot to Emma and Ians for Christmas dinner. Turkey of course and it was fabulous and more, cooked perfectly with all the trimmings ….delicious….. oh yes it was one of ours 🙂

Quick interlude whilst I go and feed the pigs …. it is not raining and it is stil lights ……perfect !

Ok so I realise there have been no pictures so far ……… and that is because it wasn’t until Boxing Day that we took any…. if one can be any ?!


So Boxing Day we had a whole day off together…….. I had requested the lie in that morning and Kate had kindly said that she would do the rounds. However as I woke up bright and breezy at first light and Kate was still fast asleep I snuck out and started the day by feeding the pigs. Just knowing I dont’ have to get up is enough to keep me happy 🙂
So after breakfast we decided to go on an exbedition…….. spelled check says it is correct………. a walk to retreive the car from our local pub. Withour trusty map we reckoned that rather than trudge along the A 449 we could go cross country over the footpaths and we did. So anyone visiting in the future…… be forwarned….. bring appropriate footwear and we will walk to the pub and back. It took just over an hour. We did get very muddy and very wet but we made it 🙂

So Kate is having a well deserved rest for a few days and I am in charge……… a potatoe is baking in the oven, I have defrosted something unrecognisable from the freezer and I have a mountain of brussels…….. what more can one ask for ……life is very good 🙂

2 thoughts on “Post Christmas snoozes !

  1. Alison shearsmith

    The simple things in life are the best eh? Lots of love and hope to get across to see you soon ( seem to have said that before but determined to make it happen soon) xx

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