Happy New Year ……Gangnam Style !

This video is especially for Daniel and Annie who introduced us to the dance over Christmas……..Dale demonstrated it and had his aged Aunts joining in…………..
luckily I did not have my camera so you will have to make do with this ……
Gangnam style !!

Ok now I have that out of my system I can proceed with todays blog 🙂

It is a New Year, a new day and it is beautiful !


So this morning I did very thorough rounds and gave the pigs new straw bedding. They love new straw almost as much as we appreciate a freshly made bed.


This pig has been making his bed ….


And this pig is just looking gorgeous …..


So what a difference a day makes…….. the animals are happy, the chickens are much more relaxed, and the sun is still shining 🙂

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