Good Morning …. Good Morning !


I am rubbish at remembering the words to songs ……… but there is one that goes Good Morning .. good moorning …. dum de dum de dum dum dum ……. and I found myself singing it this morning. The fact that I only know the words to Hold Me Close by David Essex and various hymns is something I need to work on I guess !
Any way all things were very bright and beautiful this morning doing morning rounds 🙂


My few days of looking after the farm comes to an end today and I go back to work later ! Kate is returning from Cornwall where she has had a filthy cold! I have had such a great time, lots of early nights, lots of reading and it did not rain all the time.


All the animals are well, the egg lay is on schedule, and I have had some quality tome with the pigs.

So now I need to have a shower and make sure I look less like one of the Beverly Hill Billies ie no straw and hair brushed ……….then off to work ….. and Kate will be here when I get home 🙂 and not that anything can beat that …. she is bringing Pasties 🙂

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