Such fun!!!

Firstly blog readers I must warn you …. I have spent the last week in between doing other things … listening to Miranda Harts audiobook ‘Is it just me?’, such fun !

In fact Kate and I have been having such fun as we have had our first holiday together for 3 years 🙂 We went to Lanzarote and slept and read and lounged and generally rested. The most energetic we got was a swim in the hotel pool, and Kate tried to get me to join in with a synchronised swimming demo. It was Kate doing the demo and I don’t think she actually got the pointy toe thing quite right. I could not join in as I was laughing so much that I would have drowned .

We did have a few rounds of ‘Where is Ali’ When Kate was tasked with finding me as I merged in with the other holiday makers in the hotel. My first hiding place was the Canary Bar which had the comfiest chairs and the best view and was a total sun trap. Kate did not take long to find me or she could have just been looking for her next rum and coke ! All inclusive was joyeous!

So we left our hero James in charge of the farm, and knowing how capable he is, Kate was actually able to relax and forget about the to do list for a while.

So we are refreshed, rested … Kate’s welly rash has gone and we are ready to carry on living the dream.
Count down to Lambing live 2013 ……. and we are planning on lambing outside this year and we should start around Easter time.

collie feeding lamb

4 thoughts on “Such fun!!!

  1. Ali & Pete

    How marvellous……a holiday!! Well deserved and obviously ‘such fun’ Still hoping to get across to see you sometime soon xx

  2. lorraine & fred

    Wasn’t Lanzarote wonderful?

    Looking forward to visiting in summer ( if we have one) and meeting the dinner.

    Lorraine & Fred xx

  3. sally alexander

    ‘Such Fun’ indeed my little friends!!! A well earnt rest. Am lovin the pic of the collie feeding the lamb…..sooo cute!

    Take care you guys, see you soon. Love Sally xxx

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