No blog for 18 days I have just been told !!

Ok so since we got back from our holiday I have not got around to blogging:-( We went round to Nigel and Tara’s for a lovely meal last night and Tara informed me I have not blogged for ages! So here is the latest…. but first my excuses…. since coming back from holiday I have started a new job and have been absolutely wiped out by the time I got home and we have been having very early nights in the hope that getting up will be easier…….. and I just haven’t got around to blogging ….. Sorry!


So where were we last ……… oh yes just back from our holiday.And although still cold the evenings are not getting dark until about 6 ish. This makes such a difference to us, as it means I get to drive home in the light and have a useful 1/2 hour to collect the eggs…. around 100 a day at the mo ! Oh yes the picture of the icy van was taken at sunrise … one of the best times of day 🙂


So it pretty much has been business as usual although the horse meat fiasco has led to a slight upswing in our sales. I guess what we are doing is very current. People want to know where their food comes from and that the welfare of the animals is high. Quite right too, I have been amazed at the companies having to withdraw their ready meals…..I always thought Findus was ok but if they got it wrong it can only be the tip of the iceberg so far!

Enough of that sort of talk…. what this blog is about is Kate and Ali’s adventure starting a smallholding and developing a business providing high quality produce to people who like to know where their food comes from. Whew that was a long sentence!


So my sister came to stay this weekend and it was great. She really joined in and was quite helpfull. A little bit more training and she could take over for a day.


We walked the ewes (pregnant … Lambing Live starts April 1st ) and looking back from the ewes field this is the view of the farm.


Doesn’t the farm look great 🙂


And the pigs are just super too.

And some really great news is that the skylarks are back 🙂 Which means that Winter is nearly over !!
They were actually first heard on February 1st and over the weekend I took a photo of one flying high above the farm.

Can you see it ??

Ok that is all folks I have made a great spag bol for tea with our minced pork and bacon and I need to stick the pasta on. Plus it is nearly bedtime 😉

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