A Weekend to remember!


So this weeks blog was going to be entitled Freezing ballcocks !!! As yesterday morning as I did the rounds I discovered that yet another of our ballcock troughs had sprung a leak in the freezing weather 😦005

Now Kate and James are the ballcock experts and I am a mere novice ….. but undetered I added my, not totally bodge it, self to the team of ballcock experts. A little tutorial and I was on my way.


The trough was fixed and I went and made coffee and was sat in the office looking up rib recipes when Kate checked her emails….. We are looking at expanding our breeding stock as our sausage, bacon and pork sales continue to rise….. we are nearly sold out of bacon again!! We (Kate ) had an enquiry in regarding a Saddleback gilt in Wales. 3hours later we were in the truck with the trailer hitched up behind and heading west!


We had a 3 and a half hour journey ahead and had asked Nigel to do morning rounds and we were off to near Camarthen to spend the night with Mel and Candy. Mel and Candy are similarly crazy people who we met in Matlock who now have a fantastic smallholding near Camarthen.

We had a great evening with Candy ……… Mel was away 😦 visiting family and then set off early to look at this gilt.
Great directions and we were soon looking at some fantastic Saddleback pigs. The gilt was excellent and there were also 2 sows, one with a litter of 7 and one due to farrow later this week. So we boght the gilt and the pig due to farrow and are going to come back and collect the other sow when her little ones are old enough to move.

So we loaded them and journeyed home and unloaded them.
The next pictures are sort of self explanatory !!! Just to say that they are now safely settled down for the night and we are delighted with them:-)











And another little bonus …. we got Kate a new pair of trousers on route …. at one of those great Army surplus stores.


Now off to team at Mum’s …. hmmn I had better have a wash!

One thought on “A Weekend to remember!

  1. PigLove

    I like your farm. So that is what my kin folks look like that actually live out in nature. Pretty cool. Mommy says I’m not that type of pig that y’all have. I’m more of the smaller privileged kind of piglet. Snort XOXO – Bacon

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