Have I mentioned that we are opening a Farm gate shop to sell our produce?

It is not that I don’t tell you everything… it is just that when we have to apply for planning permission for things I don’t want to count our chickens … if you know what I mean. Anyway Kate has been working away at our application to site a temporary structure by our gate in order that we can sell our produce to people who call by. I think we are due to open just before lambing… but there is loads of work to be done first…………..

It is not going to be a ‘farm shop’ where you can buy all sorts of bits and bobs that have nothing to do with the farm, I think farm shops are becoming the new garden centres …. where you have to search for anything green. No it will simply offer our eggs, pork, lamb and bacon, sausages and ham/ gammon to people who like to know and see where their food comes from.

Last week David and Robert from New Land Owner came to do some filming on the farm, and while they were with us Lou their film guru made this short advert for us.

click here

I am not in it at all, and I only get a brief mention……… but I don’t mind !

I will keep you up to date with the progress of the shop over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile Snowdrop … our new sow who is due to have her piglets is settled in the barn. Primrose is spending her first night in her new pig arc. And I am off to bed soon.


Just over a month until Lambing live 2013 !

Life is good 🙂

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