A bit busy on the farm!

So today was one of the busiest days of the year here at Willow Farm. I had arranged to take my Mum to the garden centre this morning for coffee. So in order to do my bit I was up at 6 to sort out the egg room and start morning rounds.
Emma, a new helper we have enticed up to the farm to lend a hand, and the daughter of one of my Social Worker friends, was coming to spend the day with us. And also Lisa and her Dad were coming to help shear the pregnant ewes. Not shear them totally just their lady bits and undercarriage around their teats. Then lambing should/ could be even easier and slightly more clean especially when it comes to latching on a lamb.

So ….

Leaving the pigs snoozing, I set off for a nice relaxing morning with Mum. And Kate and the gang got too work!






What a team ….. didn’t they do well 🙂

I also made a moussaka, and did the evening rounds and was the hostess with the mostest when out friends Nigel and Tara came over for tea,

Unfortunately exhaustion has overcome us and Kate is now asleep in bed and I am just letting my tea go down, whilst blogging then I am for bed too.

So thankyou one and all for your efforts today. And sorry Nigel and Tara that the evening was so short, it was lovely to see you and many more evenings soon…… especially during lambing.


Oh and news on Snowdrop ( our pregnant pig we bought last weekend) still no piglets…….. but soon !!!

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