Monday March 4th Piglet day !!

So blog followers we have piglets 🙂

Snowdrop delivered the first at about 5.20 pm on Monday just as I got home from work.

And we waited and waited for the next one…..


and with a little assistance it came.

Normally piglets are born 10 – 15 minutes apart…… Mum seemed to be taking her time!


The first piglet was born with slightly splayed back legs and was not able to stand on them and soon was getting picked on by her siblings. So we took her off and put her in the caravan out of harms way … with another very little frail runty one.


So while Snowdrop continued to pop them out I googled piglets with splayed legs on the internet.


It seemed that the first 48 hours were critical for piglets with splayed legs and it suggested a couple of things….. one fastening the back legs together with tape….. tried it and it was not good…… or making a sort of brace of tape over its rump…… tried this and today you cant tell which one she was / is… she appears fine 🙂

The little runt did not survive the first night 😦


It was 11.20 when the piglets started to feed and we could call it a night.

So we have 9 lively and healthy piglets and Mum is doing well too.
These photos were taken today 48hours old 🙂






Chuffed 🙂

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