Farrowing fever

All was going well with Snowdrop and her piglets ….. Until Friday when Snowdrop was not very well and her milk dried up!


Well spotted by Kate …. and Russel… and they quickly called the vet out as Snowdrop had a high temperature and her piglets were hungry and shivery. Even though we gave Snowdrop an antibiotic injection after we had interfered with her during farrowing she had some infection and was a bit mastitic. So an anti-inflammatory injection to bring her temperature down and another antibiotic and the vet reckoned she would pick up quickly.
On Friday Kate made up milk feed for the piglets and fed some of them by bottle and some of them just helped themselves from a bowl…. Ok not a bowl … my lasagne dish!
Kate did a midnight feed on Friday night and did a 4 am one and by morning Mum was better and the piglets were feeding off Mum again.
In fact by the time our neighbours called around to view the piglets … all was well 🙂




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