LittleBlackPig Farm Gate Shop

Opening March 2013 I think Kate said on her little promo film !!!! click here

Well it is all very well saying that …. and she says it with such confidence !!!! however there is a whole heap of work to be done before we are ready to open!





This is some of the heap of work !! As this is where the shop is to be sited, so moving this heap is high on the priority list.



This is the unit we are going to use as our shop. We only have temporary planning permission for it so it has to be a movable thing. We are going to pretty it up, paint it and landscape around it !

So those pictures were taken on Sunday and this is where we are today ….



and this is what was being attempted when I got home today

In fact as I drove up the lane I saw Kate and a guy climbing about on top of the container attaching ropes.
Unfortunately it just stretched the ropes so back to the drawing board. The guy and his machine were really there to move the turkey house … which they did no problem at all.

So that is where we are up to …. Kate is driving to Wales at the mo to collect a sow and her piglets from the Farmer we bought Primrose and Snowdrop from. She is back tomorrow reasonably early as we have the courier picking up some hogget and pork for delivery on friday. So I am on morning rounds before work … but with these light mornings that is no problem.

So we are getting there ….. nearer to the shop opening. I don’t know how Kate does it really, I think I have the easier job just going to work and coming home and pitching in….. project managing this adventure is a huge thing and I am very aware that Kate’s to do lists are crazy at present and lambing is only a couple of weeks away.

Will we cope …… log on soon to catch the next installment of Kate and Ali living the dream!!


2 thoughts on “LittleBlackPig Farm Gate Shop

  1. Adam

    @littleblackpig if you can’t lift the container try jacking it up, putting wooden stakes, big gate post ones, under and use tractor to pull whilst moving back stake to the front in rotation…worked for us 🙂 give me a yell if u r stuck

  2. Sam Merridale

    Can I just say that, as the deliveree, we were mightily impressed with our consignment last Friday – it was brilliantly packaged and went straight into the freezer – so far we have had the pork shoulder, which I unrolled, stuffed and then roasted on a bed of apples and cider. Tonight we had some burgers with new potatoes and salad. All extremely delicious. Can’t wait to try the lamb! Thanks again. xx

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