Mid March mayhem :-)


So the container/ shop is still not moved ….. but due to some exact pacing out … we know exactly where it is going to go!

I have been home alone today as Kate set off at the crack of porridge to go to to a family Christening and I have been in charge at the Farm. This was made slightly less fun than usual as the tractor had run out of deisel and needed filling and priming, which meant kneeling down in very squidgey mud. Anyway I did it and have just done evening rounds with it. Di you know we have 47 pigs currently…. and more growing inside our 2 pregnant pigs currently. This is good cos we are selling out fast of everything we produce. In fact Kate has been begging back sausages from people as we have not had any left and were doing sausages on sticks for the Christening party!


Ben has been snoozing all day in the caravan as I am drying washing and the fire is lit and the van like a sauna.

The new piglets are growing well and will be moved outside probably next week. We are watching the weather.


Life is good… Kate has just texted to say she is on her way home and I must read another page or two of my thriller before she gets home 🙂 Not of course that I have had any time for reading today 😉

other than that life is

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