Reasons to be cheerfull ….. struggling somewhat!

I am naturally an optomistic sort of person ….. quite annoyingly so at times!
However just at the present I am struggling !!!!

I am so very fed up with the weather 😦


Snow on top of mud 😦 I haven’t been able to use the tractor for the rounds as the radiator is froze and so had to do them on foot and I can only carry two buckets at a time so lots of trudging back and forth….. 😦

We haven’t been able to move the container as it is so very muddy … so the shop will not be opening soon……

and to top it all Russel is poorly.

Now my blogs are usually positive cheery tales of Kate and Ali’s adventures starting a smallholding from scratch….. we have had tough times…. .our early farrowing experiences….. lambing … lack of sleep…… physical exhaustion….. tough times ….. yet still I have been able to say life has been good while we have been here at Willow Farm. Fox raids early on showed us how cruel nature could be and now we are seeing once more how unfair things can be as Russel has been diagnosed with lymphoma. We thought he was seeming a bit down in the mouth last weekend and so Kate took him to the vet on Monday. He had an raised temp so started on antibiotics. When he still was no better on Wednesday we took him back and he had some bloods taken. We thought he may have eaten something bad but never expected the news we got on thursday that his white blood cells were through the roof and that he was proper poorly. We took him back to the vets yesterday and I was there to give Kate support…. but was actually worse than useless… except to say his white cells are ridiculously high but his Hb is ok and his clotting is ok. So the long and the short of it is that Russel is only with us for a short while longer …. he did the round with me this morning and then has been asleep in the caravan for most of the day. He is being spoiled rotten and why not


So lots of TLC for Russel and we are expecting him to slip away peacefully in the next few weeks. Kate and I are obviously very upset and yet trying to carry on as normal. Benson is being very needy and caravan life is a little different just now.

So having dumped all that on you I feel I do need to share some of the things that have lightened my hear a little today !


So our piglets and Snowdrop are still in the barn as it is too cold to put them outside just yet…. also too muddy! They are all doing fine… even the one which had splayed back legs … we don’t even know which one it was !


Annie and Daniel came up with their Mum, Emma, today and brough chocolate cup cakes ….. Annie obviously takes after Kate in some ways !!! It is an absolute joy to see them growing up and be close enough to see them regularly.


I just love piglets


Dolly the sheep is so very beautiful and I can’t wait to see her lamb or lambs …. but I think lamb.


These are two of Iris’s brood… venturing outside and wondering just where they have ended up……

So life is still good… it is just tough at present !!!! It will get better but it is a bit sad right now.

9 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerfull ….. struggling somewhat!

  1. Alison Shearsmith

    So sorry to hear that life at Willow Farm is sad and difficult at the moment. Thinking of you – lots of love, Ali and Pete xx

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