Lambing Live 5/4/13

Ok no lambs but look what Kate woke me up to see this morning …..

click here

for those of you without broadband (Denise) this is what I was woken to see……


Sapphy, who was the first piglet ever born here at Willow Farm, had quietly with no fuss at all, given birth to 7 lovely little piglets sometime between 4 am and 7 am. This is her first litter and we were not expecting them just yet as she was not showing much in the way of signs of her milk coming in. Young Mums eh!

So what did happen with the sheep today …. well …. they looked at us looking at them… looking at us and they sat down a bit and stood up a it and generally did not do much at all. One of them looked a bit droopy so we gave her some calcium and keetol ( injection and drench ) and she perked up ……( Twin lamb disease) and we watch and wait.

I am on watch tonight and am trying not to wake Kate until it is nearly light 🙂 I need her to be the brains of the outfit tomorrow as she is actually better than lambing than I am… although I draw up injections better … she has more skill at assisting at difficult births…. so I am actually being quite selfish in ensuring she is fit for work 🙂 I am excellent at snoozing and make a good backstop …. essential in any rounders team!

So the night ahead will be regular checking of livestock and viewing of youtube stuff, reading and keeping the fire going. All in all a good night ahead….. as to lambs … we wait ……………

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