Lambing live 2013 Saturday 6/4/13

Ok so I have based myself in the little caravan tonight so that Kate can be as undisturbed as possible.
We have had a great day ….. with no lambs born!

But once more I am pleased to say we had 7 piglets born last night to Ma ! So 14 piglets in the last 36 hours!!!


So to date we are having a great farrowing live !!
We thought that Ma was due on Monday and but we were wrong. It is her second litter and like a real pro she did it all on her own and presented us with them this morning 🙂

Sapphy and her litter are doing just fine…. and I took some more pics of them today





She is much more relaxed today and letting me get quite close as you can see.

click here

So other than that lambing live continues to be a waiting game !

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