Lambing Alive !

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,
I’m a Smallholding woman: no time to talk.
Music loud and the caravan warm, I’ve been mucking about
since I was born.
And now it’s all right. It’s OK.
And you may look the other way.
You can try to understand
the lambing time effect it has on a woman.

Whether you’re a Welshie or whether you’re a Ryeland,
we’re Lambing Alive, Lambing Alive
Feel the my back breaking, and my legs a shaking,
and we’re Lambing Alive, Lambing Alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha,Lambing Alive, Lambing Alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha,Lambing Alive.

etc etc ……….. remember Saturday night fever ? Well we had a Saturday night of our own last night!!!

A slight recap … Kate asleep at 9 and me on blog duty… lambing duty…. perfectly in control and watching youtube before settling down for a snooze….. also ate all the nights supply of chocolate!
Then at about 11.30 it just sounded a little different out there.
So I had a look and oh yes we were in business with 2 Ryelands showing early signs of lambing….

Now last night we decided to let them have free range of the field …. so picking them out in torch light was not easy……. also one of them was grunting away so I rang Kate. So the long and the quite short of it was we escorted the two ewes into the lambing shed so we could monitor them more easily.

Then we had a front foot and a nose showing on one and no progress for an age. So Kate went in and we tipped the sheep up over a bale of hay and pushed the lamb back in and let nature take its course. If the lamb had been a sweet little thing she may have been able to pop her out without our intervention … but this lamb was a thumper with shoulders to match.

So the first lamb of the night was born around 1.30.


I think this is him 🙂

Cos then the night went a bit crazy……


This little fella and his twin sister were popped out by their Welsh mother in the field and if it hadn’t been for a gentle bleat we would never have known. So we escorted them into mothering up pens in the barn….. of which we had 2 ready…. cos we have never had many born at the same time.

So we still had a Ryeland in slow labour and we also had a naughty Ryeland ewe who was had taken an avid interest in the Welshie and her twins who was seeming likely….. so we penned her up.

She then had twins 🙂 both of whom are doing well.

To see one of them trying to feed click here
They are both feeding expertly now thanks to the help of Tara our rescuer today 🙂

Around then … about 5 am still no sign of the Ryeland giving birth……. not dilated much but pushing and passing brown gunk…( technical term )

And then we found another set of twins courtesy of a Welshie in the field… just born.


Doing well. So the count so far 3 sets of twins … boy and girl each set….. One big thumper of a boy …. and a Ewe with a lamb in distress that we could not sort out….
So we rang the vet and Kate had to hitch up the trailer and take the ewe in.

Oh we had also tube fedd 3 lambs as 2 of the Mums had not let their milk down yet and the lambs were becoming listless.

So I really did not expect to see the ewe or any off spring but at 7 Kate rang me to say Mum and her gert great big ewe lamb were coming home. She had got a dead lamb in side too and the two were a bit muddled up so not straight forward.


But doing well now.

So all in all a busy night with 8 lambs born.

Sadly we have had a lamb born today that did not ever get to breathe, it was a Welsh / Ryeland cross. But other than that it has been a lovely day…. helped by Tara to regain some semblance of sanity.
The lambing towels are clean and dry, I have tidied the little caravan and Kate, who is asleep now is on duty from 9. Who knows what tonight will bring…. who is next?


3 thoughts on “Lambing Alive !

  1. Louise Veragoo

    We like the song Ali, but Chris thinks the song should be “baa, baa, baa ,baa lambing alive”…what do you think?

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