Oh what a beautiful morning!

Don’t worry I am not about to launch into another song …. after Kate read my Lambing Alive blog she did comment ‘ what goes on in your head !!!’

Anyway it is a beautiful morning … we have 15 healthy lambs in the turkey house / lambing shed and all the expectant Mums are looking relaxed and not showing signs of starting any thing.

It has been quite full on though ….I got home from work on Monday to find Kate in the shed reviving one new born lamb with smelling salts and swinging it round in the air…. it survived and was the second of a pair of twins 🙂

Then later on that evening when Kate was snoozing David and I were keeping half an eye on a Welshie who was isolating herself from the flock and the one push and she popped out her single.

Acouple of minutes after she was born this is what she looked like …. click here

Then before the evening was done we had a traumatic delivery of a single Ryeland who was breach … bum first and huge … so much to our delight he was pulled out alive and well.
No pictures as I was busy helping.

So what will today bring ?! Who knows but we are surviving and the shed is full of new life and the weather is going to warm up again this weekend so we may have another Saturday Night feverish … Lambing Alive !!

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