A quiet day during lambing live 2013


Today has been a lovely day here at Willow Farm  …. apart from Dawn coming to collect her sausages and Jo and the kids coming by to see the little lambs and piglets and also buy some pork for dinner tomorrow and sausages too ….

But nothing exciting has happened and that has been great 🙂 cos I have been in charge while Kate went off to look at a Bacon slicer …… we know how to live and I think she has had quite an exciting day !

This morning was beautiful

click here

and the pregnant ewes were very contented 🙂



the pigs were all relaxed and even the week old piglets were nearly relaxed !!


click here

ok they were not quite sure !

So I have tidied, sorted and cleaned things that have not been tidied ,sorted or cleaned for quite some time and very satisfying it has been too.

So we are feeling rather good…. half way through and a full nights sleep last night for both of us as Tara babysat the flock all night 🙂 and Kate is having a second full (we hope )  nights sleep tonight, as I am on watch.

So a good day and a quiet day … just what we needed to catch up and re-charge a little. 19 lambs so far and 13 more ewes to lamb….. but not tonight please !




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