Ali in Charge of lambing !!

Now most of you blog followers will be aware that I am pretty skilled at most things on the farm…ok I may cry first few times around but generally I am a good right hand person to have about the place.

However it is Kate that is the expert when it comes to lambing having dealt with more unusual presentations than …. I have had hot dinners .. (in the last 2 weeks) But this year I have been doing a little better and getting more involved so when a ewe went into labour just as Kate was setting off to collect a bacon slicer ,,,, I waved her off saying that I would be fine !!

And fine we were and the little ram lamb popped out very easily and was a text book birth. …… and then there was his twin ….. how exciting ….. until only his head was sticking out of his Mum’s rear end1 So I phoned Kate for advice and then scrubbed up …. found the lube and climbed into the pen ….. to discover the lamb had been delivered and I could chillax 🙂


2 boys and both are fine… in fact to see more click here

And now I am sat once more in the little caravan on watch …. Dolly Parton was pawing the ground earlier so I am checking her 1/2 hourly but I think the urge has past her by.

The weather has been soo much better today and the ewes and their lambs have been enjoying the sunshine.

004 005 006

So far we have 32 lambs from 24 ewes and 4 more to go …so the end of all night vigils is in sight 🙂

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