So much happens in a week and a bit !



So where were we !!!Mid lambing I guess 🙂

and where are we now ….. well only one ewe to lamb so very nearly finished …. and 35 lambs to date !


005 006 007

These pictures were taken this afternoon …. can you spot Kate in 2 of them … I am not sure what she is doing!




This is Dolly and her ram lamb …. I guess as she had Bonny last year this must be Clyde ! What a bobby dazzler he is.


They really are the cutest things


and we are really pleased with how this years lambing has gone.

Other things ….. well Russel died peacefully in his sleep just over a week ago. An hour previously he had given me a tail wag as I finished my lambing shift for the night…. he is a big loss and we are missing him….. and it took 3 of us to round up 5 ewes on friday so a new sheepdog is needed soon! Enough said on the subject ……

The piglets are growing well and we are enjoying some warmer weather.

Veg plot planting is next on the agenda ….. oh yes and the opening of our farm gate shop!!


All painted …. posters and signs ordered but not with us yet and we are hoping to open on friday !!

So it is time for the Archers and to make sandwiches for tomorrow and then an early night, I guess, ready for me to go back to work tomorrow nd for Kate to spend the day at the Butchers !

3 thoughts on “So much happens in a week and a bit !

  1. Linda Bywater

    Congratulations on what looks like a really successful lambing season. All that new life…….. Fantastic and well done!! Very sorry to hear about poor Russel but good his end was peaceful and with you guys too. Lots of love xx

  2. Lynda Peachey

    The shop is looking very handsome sitting on it’s own wee plot 🙂 Fantastic lambing news …… a gorgeous and healthy looking gang (keeping to the Bonnie and Clyde theme here) hope the weather keeps good for the planting and also that you can enjoy the warmth on your shoulders. Russel the sheep-herder RIP xxxx Love to all – and looking forward to a visit soon

  3. Alison Shearsmith

    So sorry to hear about Russell :-(( .

    Well done on the safe delivery of all your cute lambs. Think of you often and still hoping to visit sometime soon!! Love A & P xx

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