Shop gossip

Well today was a combined effort and at 8am after the morning rounds we could be found in the barn colouring in some lettering that Kate had done on a big board to advertise the farm shop on the main road (A449) We had already made a frame to drill it onto and then we put it in place in the big field.
We have discovered that the lettering needs to be 2 x as big and none of the small stuff but it did lead 2 lots of people to us….. our leaflets and word of mouth brought in some more. It was very exciting, Kate was so excited she had to go and do the VAT return to calm down!!

We really enjoyed it and a couple of interested people even had a mini guided tour.

It was fun and every time we decided to have a coffee people arrived, and I was emailing the Malvern customers as I am taking orders for Malvern next Saturday and every time I had signal some one came and I had to close it down!!

Hey ho

So tomorrow a rest maybe ?? Fat chance we have 35 lambs to sort out and start the registration of our Ryeland pedigree lambs and tag them and our cute Welsh / Ryeland crosses. We wont be able to stand up straight by tea time.


and maybe some Harri time 🙂

Harri 001

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