Pigs / Pork

I love keeping pigs !


and I think the pigs quite like the way we look after them 🙂

Of course we can’t help the weather but we do make sure they have plenty of straw when it is cold and lots of wallows when it is hot. We keep a close eye on them and give them a good life rooting around digging for treasure!


We have been rewarded with some great litters of piglets and basically happy pigs!


People ask me if I get attached to them…. and of course I do get to know them as personalities …. however we would not have had them if we were not keeping them for meat and breeding purposes. The reason we got to this crazy place is that we love our food and wanted to be producing our own great pork and sausage and bacon…. so the fact we love raising them is an extra bonus…. maybe living in a caravan for 2 years has hardened me…….. maybe …. also not naming them does help.

So what is for tea tonight ….. gluten free sausages ….. our latest product …. how are we having them …. ooops in a sandwich!!!!

One thought on “Pigs / Pork

  1. PigLove

    I have to like you. You really take care of your piggies. And, mom explained to me the differences in me and your piggies. I understand. I’m snuggable loveable and they are my kin folks on the other side of the railroad tracks. 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

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