Bank Holiday delights :-)

When I was coming home from work on Friday I had thought that my next blog ought to be entitled secrets and lies ………. but it is not!! Secrets and lies was because it is Kate’s birthday soon and just because I know she never gets round to reading my blogs… I could tell you what I was getting her ….. but actually what she had was a contribution towards Harri


and I need to get her something to open on the day but we are slightly skint and I was just looking at a bottle of CLIK blowfly treatment 5 litres at just over £100 and wondering if she would like that !!!! Any other suggestions greatfully received !!

Anyway the lie was ….. a bit of a story …. cos Kate and I do get mistaken for one another ….. unless I am in uniform 😉 We have decided it is cos we both wear glasses and keep our hair short. Well I did try to grow mine and it just looks such a mess and drives me crazy so I had it chopped off………….. so Kate decided to grow hers and well…. Wurzel….. Boris ……. all could be pictures she ahs taken in and said …. I d like it like that !!! So I told her I was growing mine again when I wasn’t in the hope she would have hers short again as I really like it like that!


So that was the lie and I fessed up before she had it cut so I am currently sleeping with Boris !


Enough of that onto Bank Holiday delights …. what wonderful weather and what a great time we had…..

Ashley, Rae and Eddie came up on Sunday to camp and helped out on Monday as we caught and dosed the sheep against blow fly and injected the lamb. That Eddie was a whizz at catching them… and holding them and what Ashley lacked in skill she made up for in sheer bloody determination and we got the job finished before lunch.


And Harri watched and learnt


and barked a bit!!

And Benson


Well Benson found something interesting near the veg plot !!!! Yikes !!!
So now the rain falls and I am filling in the medicine record book and also wondering if this should have been 2 blogs as I am pretty sure Ashley wont like sharing the blog with Boris….. whoops Sorry Ashley !!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Bank Holiday delights :-)

  1. Ashley

    Lol. I did wonder why there was a picture of Boris. I also thought I had developed some skill but you are right; it was just sheer bloody mindedness born of a deep rooted desire not to show ourselves up as townie wusses. Edie had a whale of a time though and I think farming in pyjamas will be the next big thing.

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