Today has not quite gone to plan !!

So this morning I set off to work early as I was picking up the student nurse who was unfortunate to have been told to spend the day with me. I was picking her up at 7.20 as I had an 8.00am meeting with a GP.
The plan was to go to work and on the way home stop off at the gym and come home relaxed and refreshed and Kate was cooking chicken and bacon pie 🙂

The day unravelled as follows :

Student Nurse was dutifully collected and work went well, and Student Nurse was delivered back to Worcester…. I felt slightly old but not too bad. During the day Kate had rung me to say that some pigs that we have been looking at … well the only day to pick them up really was today! So she would be home around 10 and could I be around to help unload …. by around she meant awake …. I do not have some heady social life that I needed to rearrange!

Also she was not sure that she would have time to rough mince 15kg of pork for the pork pie man to collect tomorrow and could I possibly help out.

Sometimes I am too nice for words so of course I said no problem! (Sometimes I am not very nice at all … I know it is hard to believe!!)

So no gym ….. not really upset I will swim tomorrow on the way to work 🙂

So I got home from work at 5 …………

Here it comes Graham !!

I have mentioned recently how much I enjoy doing the egg round in Droitwich on a Friday evening and how lovely our customers are well Helen and Graham are … were becoming good friends! Well they have a sheepdog called Storm and he used to come up and meet his buddy Russell and they would hang out a bit. So Storm has been growing up and recently coming and meeting up with Harri and also have a little work out with our sheep.

So today just as I got home they arrived as prearranged to give Storm a little work out…. anyway the log and the short is that Graham left the gate open …. and one of the sheep ran about and broke through 4 of the pig pens electric fencing and 2 lots of pigs merged……
Anyway Graham and Helen are now very good at mending electric fences and everything is back in place and the sheep returned to the flock and Storm has had a little workout but slipped and hurt his leg ….. not a total disaster but kinda not great …. but these pictures of Graham are perhaps enough to make it all worthwhile.




It is never boring here !!!

So then on with mincing and vac packing 15kg …. actually quite a satisfying job and in between I hear that Kate has broken down…. engine over heated and is running 2 hours late !!!


Update …. she has just rung me and has the pigs loaded and will be heading back shortly … she has Harri riding shotgun and an eta of 11.30 pm

So tomorrow … what is planned for then … well we have 2 pigs going to the abattoir at 7 and I am off to work around then and tomorrow evening we are at a Rotary quiz ….. or that is the plan !!!

Living the dream is quite exciting really 🙂

One thought on “Today has not quite gone to plan !!

  1. Helen

    We really don’t mean to leave such a trail of destruction….but now feel better equipped to fix it! We love out visits to you; please let us come back!!!! 😉 Hope Kate gets back safe and sound. Hx

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