Droitwich food festival this Saturday …. be there or ….. come and see me in the shop!

Kate is making sausages …. and has been for most of the day !
We have our best sausages for tea 🙂 well when I say they are the best actually they are the rejects of the chilli and coriander sausages we make…. and they are just great 🙂
Plans for Saturday are quite complex as Kate has to be at the stall at 7.30 and I am staying on the farm so will be doing the rounds before opening the shop at 10.
Luckily I have my nephew Daniel helping out at the farm so I will have an easy day. Daniel ( aged at 8) is helping me with the Egg round tomorrow and then coming to stay so we will both be ready for action at the Farm. Pizza for tea is all he requires…. what is more I have prepared the spare room so it is possible to see the bed for a change!


There has been a fire at the local dump ….several miles from us on the other side of Stourport …. but still there is a faint hint of burning on the wind! It is a bit weird!!
And in the caravan we have a faint whiff of feet ….. we have not yet been able to work out yet which pair of shoes it is but we are each blaming each other.

Otherwise it is absolutely peeing down with rain ,,,, the washing is on the line and I am not going out !!!
Tea is nearly ready and

life is good 🙂


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