Counting my blessings!

So I have fed the animals and collected the eggs and spent the whole time loving what I was doing and counting my blessings…..
it did not rain on me
I had put the tractor away this morning so I had a dry seat tot sit on
and I had Harri for company
once he had finished attacking the plant pot!

so three blessings easy as wink!

It is an amazing adventure we are having …. it is not all plain sailing and we have learnt so much but experiencing life this close to nature is an absolute privilege and joy.
This evening the rabbits are out and taunting Benson, who just sits and stares at them and Harri has been having a love in with the lambs.


He really does love them


and they seem drawn to him


So other blessings are
Having electricity 🙂 and not having a telly to hoover up time and energy.
Having got into the Archers ….. but slightly worried we are matching their story lines …. Farmers markets next ??

and I guess the main blessing has got to be that I am sharing this adventure with Kate… who is exhausted and has just done as she is told and gone to bed!

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