Droitwich Food Festival !

Like a well oiled machine the Daniels Sisters pulled together and showed off our wares at the Droitwich food festival. Kate has been making sausages all week and we were up at 5.30 yesterday morning to load up the van. Kate was picking up her slightly older sister Jenny at 7 and so off she flew.

I had my nephew Daniel working with me for the day so at 7 we quickly fed the pigs and then unscrewed the Littleblackpig sign off the farm gate and having had 2 messages from Kate to take over some other things she had thought may come in handy off we set.

We were on farm shop duty so we were just on a flyer but it was good to se all 3 Sisters dressed in their litleblackpig tee shirts …. rushing around setting the stall up. The business was in good hands… Jenny with her super selling abilities and Emma knowing just about everyone in Droitwich and Kate for her product know how 🙂

So Daniel and I set off back to the farm stopping to buy a variety pack of cereals which is a bit of a tradition when Daniel comes to stay. Usually he is with his sister Annie.. but Daniel and I had to run the shop so Annie had other plans for the day.

We had a good day in the shop and we did not have too many lulls between customers and Daniels adding up got better and he can certainly spell sausages now.

Then at 4 we closed up as quick as we could and fed the animals and set off back to Droitwich to help pack up there.
We had been in touch throughout the day and it was great to see what a success it had been.

The stall looked very good and they had been doing sausage tastings ….. our chilli and coriander and our traditional sausages were sold out 🙂

Kate got to speak on Hereford and Worcester radio and Daniel got to shake hands with the Mayor and we all had a good if slightly exhausting day!

Next thing to look forward too is the Food festival dinner on Friday when our pork is being served as one of the 5 courses.

little black pig with lettering

The dress is smart casual and we can do that 🙂

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