3 weeks worth of blog in 1 !!

Well where do I begin ??

Ok firstly sorry for not blogging for 3 weeks but there has been so much going on and blogging I am afraid has not even been on the list !

First week in July

I left Kate for 6 days and went on holiday with Mum to Cornwall 🙂 It was great and lovely to spend some time with Mum, and revisit old haunts.

Second week

Then I came home to the farm and spent a week with Kate working alongside her ….. living the dream!

At the end of the second week we had a bit of a party …. Pigfest / Snorkerstock 🙂

A few months ago, I think it was when Summer was just a dream, we decided that as we were not getting away to any festivals this year we would hold our own. We are lucky to know some good musical people so me and my penny whistle need not be called upon and … well it happened last weekend.

pigstock 002

So our plan was to use the turkey house as the bar / food area and have that field open for camping, and music and have a fire. We had ordered in a barrel of cider and a barrel of perry and were going to cook some sausages for hot dogs and had asked people to bring food and drink also.
So all in all a recipe for a good party….. we had booked the weather too and were not disappointed 🙂

pigstock 008

So people came and set up camp

pigstock 007

and it was just superb.

pigstock 004

pigstock 003

When the music stopped at 11.30 we lit the fire and there was more singing and silliness.

pigstock 005

On the Sunday some people left early and some people didn’t

pigstock 009

People took lots of photos and there was a good film of Kate and Tom dancing ……

it was just such fun!

Last week

I went back to work and business was as usual at Littleblackpig. Shop opening, egg round and a hog roast yesterday all needed planning and executing. Our forms for showing and selling 2 of this years lambs at the Ryeland Show and sale are in, and we have caught up on some sleep.

Next week

We get 100 more chickens this week as demand is exceeding production, and Iris and Primrose are due to farrow!
Some rain is forecast which we are hoping will give us some hope of grass. Otherwise we are still continuing to live the dream!

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One thought on “3 weeks worth of blog in 1 !!

  1. Sam Merridale

    Glad the blogs are back….!!!! And glad all well with you both. Devastated we missed the party; but Duke of Ed took priority… Glad to see it’s all on again next year!!!

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