Hurrah … an evening to blog!

The real reason that I have not blogged for a while is that …. well actually Kate has been working me very hard!!!
Last week I learnt how to cure bacon and use the bacon slicer and it seems to have taken over my life! I have even tried a sweet cure and Thursday night will be the testing time when we see how it goes.
But this evening Kate is painting the turkey house and despite the tea dishes needing doing I am determined to blog 🙂

So what is happening ?

We are still waiting for piglets !!!

Digital Camera

Come on girls!

And Babe is getting bored of his ladies as they don’t seem to want to play any more …. which suggested they are pregnant too.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Kate mentioned that Harri is growing fast and he really is

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

He is full of beans and helping Kate paint the turkey house right now … it is a toss up who will be covered in paint most 🙂

Kate went and picked up a few more Saddlebacks today as we are now killing 2 pigs a week to meet demand …. or is that meat demand?

Business is really on the increase and we have a Farmers market this weekend as well as the shop and a private party on Sunday.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

So all in all life is good and the caravan is almost tidy …. the rain has stopped and we are looking forward to the turkeys arriving soon.

Digital Camera

So it is dishes time now and then maybe a chapter of my book…. I made Irish Marrow chutney last night so that is me chutneyed out for now.

So what else can I tell you …… you tell me ?

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