This week has been all about piglets !

What a week…… 15 new piglets born within 24 hour!

Snowdrop and Primrose started the week sharing the same arc in a big pen with a choice of two arcs…. but wednesday night they slept together and were snoring gently when I checked them last thing.

Thursday it was all a bit different…. Snowdrop had taken herself off to her own pen and was popping out piglets.
When she accidentally trod on one causing it to bleed and be in a bit of trouble we took the 2 newborns up to the barn and put them in a warming box out of harms way. And Snowdrop then continued to pop them out.

piglets 012

piglets 013

piglets 014

Until number 5 which was a bit stuck and needed a bit of a hand out…. I held the torch.

Number 6 popped out soon after…


and then we thought she was done … so we popped her piglets around her and made sure they were all suckling and we went to bed.

piglets 023
And in the morning there were seven 🙂

Yesterday was all about Primrose who popped them out with no assistance needed and had 8 and they are all doing well.

And the little piglet that Snowdrop stood on is fine too 🙂

So anyone coming to the shop next week will be in for a treat as we are moving them to a fresh pen nearer to the shop and they will be available for cooing over… they really are gorgeous, all clean and shiny!

2 thoughts on “This week has been all about piglets !

  1. Linda Bywater

    What a fantastic week for you 🙂 Great news, congratulations on all your new arrivals. You certainly have your work cut out feeding all those hungry little mouths!!

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