August Bank Holiday .. Autumn approaches !

What larks were had this weekend at Willow Farm. We are both blessed with great families and Kate’s Cousin Tony and Cousins Lou and Bev came to camp for the weekend with their children and partners and my lovely Sister in Law Jen and her husband John came too. It was a great Bank Holiday weekend and one of the many things I love about the clan is that they pitch in and really they did all the work of breakfast making and dishes and someone even swept out the caravan so they were pure pleasure and no extra work so we were able to relax and feel quite rested today 🙂


The children were very good and Lou and Chris’s two lads were great fun and gave the best cuddles! I nearly got them eaten by the sows when we were looking at the piglets but didn’t …. no one got electrocuted by the fences … and all in it was a success.


We had fires and relaxed and caught up.

And then last evening just as Molly had gone to sleep the combine harvester arrived next door and she was still lovely when she woke up and handed round the chocolate very politely.


So next Bank Holiday is Christmas and I am making nearly Christmas Marmalade to get in the mood 🙂 and it will be ready to put in the jars right about now … so I will leave you to browse the website and I will pour it into jars


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