Littleblackpig Farm Shop

This week has seen a big change in our Farm Shop layout……… we now have a serve over counter fridge which when Kate was describing it to me didn’t seem that life changing ….. but it is:-)

Littleblackpig shop 001
The previous fridge display cabinet which we bought second hand from Ombersley Bakery was a good starting point but quite frankly my dears …. this is so much more useful and quieter and a better way of presenting our lovely produce. So now we can display our sausages and bacon before being packaged so people can ask for 10 sausages or 6 slices of bacon and also how thick they want bacon sliced. Another bonus is that it reduced the amount of wrapping and packages used 🙂 We also have joints of meat that can be cut to size …… this to be honest scares me a little as Kate is very good at cutting and knowing what joint is what but I am the novice in that department. She has promised me she wont leave me alone in the shop just yet and next Saturday we will be in there together and I will be being instructed. Yesterday would have been a good opportunity but ……. we had piles of washing, the caravan was a mess and I had library books that needed returning (£5.25 in fines !!!) …. I also did morning and evening rounds and the day ran out on us at about 20.50hrs when we gave up trying to stay awake and went to bed.

So having done the rounds yesterday I have some new photos for you :-)so you can see how the piglets have grown !







Aren’t they stonking, honking piglets !!??? Rufty tufty and just having a ball 🙂 The Sows are great with them and they are two very happy families.

I also took some photos of the turkeys for you all 🙂



They must be about 6 – 7 weeks old now and settled in well….. very curious birds they are and rounding them up and putting them to bed at night is a bit of a challenge as any that were in the house come out to see you and then don’t want to go to bed as you ( well actually me ) are much more interesting!
We have taken 3 orders for turkeys this weekend alone and that is before Kate has finalised the price ….. about the same as last year is all I can get out of her ….. so about £75 ! I suppose I will have to order mine before they sell out or it will be pork belly for Christmas Day !

And finally do you remember this


well my hasn’t she grown but still maintaining the same film star pose!
Oh yes we are taking orders for 1/2 lambs too 🙂

So that is you all caught up on activities here at Willow Farm ……
today is quite exciting as we are off to Brecon later on as Harri is attending his first Welsh Sheepdog training session 🙂 So I am going along to watch … take photos and make sure that Kate doesn’t come back with 2 more !

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