Autumn is here

Autumn is definitely here although the weekend was lovely and warm. We have the chimney swept on the stove and are just about ready to have some cosy nights in in front of the wood burner.

I broke up from work on Friday evening for a weeks holiday and quite frankly I haven’t stopped since!

First off I did the Droitwich egg round on Friday evening, something I really do enjoy as I get to meet up with all our customers and find out about how their week has been and their plans for the weekend. I even did a couple of odd jobs round at Harriet’s Mum Helens’ house….. putting up a picture and adjusting her perching stool…. all included in the price of 1/2 a dozen eggs!!!

Then on Saturday  after seeing Kate off to the Farmer’s Market I opened the shop and the customers came flooding in 🙂 Well maybe flooding was an exaggeration but I had my best day yet and didn’t stop. The new counter really looks good and I sold out of sausages and sold nearly 2 whole legs of pork as well as a fair bit of  our lovely lamb!


Yesterday we did a bit of sheep work and Harri was a star once more rounding them up for us and then I tidied the caravan as Mum was coming for tea …… roast lamb of course 🙂

And today ….. well it was my official lie in day so I was up at 9 ( lie in seems to have a different definition these days)

and then we did a few chores and loaded Babe our boar into the trailer as he seemed a bit off colour. You take a pigs temperature similarly to a babies … up its bum…. but this Babe must be about 180 kilos so thank goodness he both trusts and quite likes us. We even took him for a drive to the vets as we were not really sure what his problem was….. imagine us in the waiting room eh !!

Anyway the vet was not unduly worried so we brought him home the scenic route and he has not eaten loads of apples and we really are not very worried about him now…. but he has been such a super pig we wanted to be sure.

It was amazing seeing Bill the Vet listening toImage 

heart with his stethoscope ….. with Babe grunting away it can’t have been easy.

So anyway that is nearly today over ….. on the farming front anyway … I am ironing tonight and Kate is off to Ombersley Amateur Dramatics Society Darling but first lamb curry …. I am calling a Ruby curry … mainly because I put beetroot in it and it is bright red!!

A sheep day tomorrow and I may even let you know how easy it is to buy a 1/2 lamb freezer pack when I blog next !

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