Ali’s holiday part 2 ….working in our Farm Shop!

So where was I …. Oh yes trying to make you feel sorry for me as I worked hard on my holiday …..but actually you should not feel sorry for me cos I love my life here at Willow Farm living the dream !!

However it is quite hard work at times but so very rewarding in many ways.


One of the things we had on the list was to check all our sheep, tits and teeth and feet !  So Kate set up the hurdles so we had a system and then we caught and turned the sheep and sorted through them all.


The Welshies were flighty but once caught were easy to assess and the Ryelands well they were easy to catch…. difficult to turn and lets just say we bear the bruises.


But it was worth doing, as we now know how many of the ewes will get to meet Napoleon our Ram in a couple of months time and also we know how ready our lambs are for your dinner plate.

We have had lamb in the shop for a few weeks now and to be quite honest and totally unbiased …. they are just about perfect!


This is a half lamb and although we sell it in the shop in bits … leg, chops etc our half lamb freezer packs are better value at £85 ! And on Tuesday we have a lady coming by to collect a whole one .. ie 2 halves.

So the shop ……

It is great introducing people to our produce and sometimes I have the chance to show people around too. I am so proud of what we have achieved so far I just love showing it off.

We had a busy Saturday this week and Kate and I were behind the counter together a couple of times …. we need to work on that …. it was a bit of a dance and I was told off for waving my knife around but no one was injured so what’s the problem.

We weaned the piglets this week and they seem happy and their Mums are quite relaxed and enjoying a bit of a rest.


Any way I am afraid that is all for this evening …. Lambs liver casserole is ready and I want to just put my feet up before bed time ….. uniform ironed and ready … I have made our lunches and found my name badge and work phone so am ready to turn into Super Nurse for 7 and a Half hours tomorrow before I come home and cure some bacon ….. my sweet cure is quite something !

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