That was a week that was !! Phew !!

So back to work I went on Monday 🙂 I am one of the lucky ones in that I love my job and work with some really good people 🙂 and work this week was great, busy but satisfying … just how it should be.

Now when  I get home however it is getting dark around 6.30 ish and so quite mad for an hour or so and then tea and bed follow soon after so it is all quite hectic.

Kate has been paying special attention to Harri this week cos today was his assessment day somewhere in Wales with the Welsh Sheepdog society guys. So Kate has been up at 6 and walking him before her work starts and also at the end of the day. He will be a star today I am sure and I am sorry not to have gone but it is 3 hours away and so Kate has gone on her own. However she is staying over with Mel and Candy tonight, so catching up with good friends, and then tomorrow collecting some new ewes ( Welshies) and delivering this years wool sack to the Wool Marketing board on the way home. So multi tasking 🙂


So off Kate went leaving me …… with a day to myself 🙂

Shared with the pigs …..


and bags of apples brought down the lane by our neighbours this morning.

004 005 006 007

Haven’t these little chaps grown !!

This next week will ring us more piglets I am sure as this little Saddleback farrows for the first time.

012 011

How many do you think are in here ?


We have been really busy in the shop this week and Mutton has been selling very well …. almost too well …. I had to buy some chops to make a hotpot or we wouldn’t have had a chance to sample it before it was al sold out!…. oh yes I was meant to be making that today for tomorrow ……… maybe I l make it tomorrow eve for Tuesday!

So all in all life is good….. I did find myself face down asleep in my book this afternoon ….. so a little tired I guess but early night tonight should sort it

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