Ali in Charge !

I have been left in charge a few times….. and why not .. Kate deserves a break now and then and my last words to her were something like ….. ‘Have a lovely time …. but don’t come back tired ! ‘ hers to me were …..’ I think the sink in the caravan may be blocking up.’ It is all part of being a team I guess and a team that have been pulling together for some time 🙂

So I was in charge today … and first job was to try and run some energy off Harri before I opened the shop!

He is such a handsome fella !
And full of beans

Harri video
I took him to the ewes for a bit of a work out, he was very good, his training is coming on and I can see a big difference.


I opened the shop on time and had a steady flow of customers, some regular, some first time visitors and several I took to see our latest piglets 🙂

piglets video


I got a hug from one person and a bunch of yellow roses from another so I think we are achieving at least one of our aims …. in connecting people to their food 🙂

We sold out of faggots and lots of people will be eating roast pork for Sunday dinner. So maybe there is something in this Facebook thing in that this morning I suggested faggots, mash and peas in front of Strictly tonight and Pork roasted tomorrow. !
Have you seen our Facebook page?

So the shop is now clean and tidy and put to bed, the wood burner is lit in the caravan and I have lamb chops cooking …. we sold out of faggots … remember! I am pleased to say I bought some Pork loin for tea tomorrow so I will be roasting that on a bed of apples and onion with some squash in the wood burner so that when Kate gets home the caravan will be toasty warm and the smells will be wonderful. I am also planning a snooze so at least I wont be tired tomorrow evening …. and ready for another week split between NHS land and Littleblackpig.

Life is good 🙂
Living the dream 🙂
The sink did not block 🙂 🙂

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