Farrowing times

So since I last blogged we have had a further 26 piglets born … 25 surviving 🙂

Sunday evening Saphy produced 10 healthy lovely piglets 020

It was just about tea time 5 pm and Kate is here in the arc with Saphy settling in for the long haul!


First one out and gorgeous 🙂 then another 9 before we could go to bed and leave her with them.

So that was a real success.

Then Thursday lunch time Ma started and had 16 !!!!
One unfortunately we found dead yesterday and today we have had pig hospital in the caravan as one was hypothermic and not standing.






But I am happy to say that after some tlc and milk and warming she is now back with her family 🙂

So other news ……


The turkeys are growing 🙂 and Kate has been doing some work on the web site so you can now download your Christmas order form by clicking here

Get the orders in soon to guarantee your free range bird !


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