Littleblackpig’s first Sausage festival

Wow what a weekend 🙂 In order to celebrate British Sausage week last week we had a bit of a do at the farm on Saturday. A Sausage festival ! So last week every evening we made sausages 🙂 10 different varieties in all and on Saturday we had lots of interested people drop by to watch Kate giving Sausage making demonstrations, me giving farm tours and we sold over 100 lbs of sausages 🙂 Some new varieties that we had on were Pork and cracked black pepper sausages, a Spanish sausage and our Christmas Cranberry and Port sausages.

We had lots of new people drop in and also lots of our regulars and it was great to see a mixture of old friends and new. One of the things I love about this adventure is how we get to meet some like minded people who love good food, locally sourced and produced from happy free range animals.

Now as to photos ….. well it was a bit mad on the day so I am sorry to say no photos of the day….. but here are a few of Kate and Martin tackling the gazebo we put up to provide some welcome shelter.




We did spend a bit of time waiting if not lurking for people to drive up the lane so we could move it about …. we needed 4 people one on each leg and there were only 3 of us ….. so thankyou Robbie 🙂


The pigs as usual were the real stars of the day


Of course !!

Other things we have ben up to include ……..

003 004

collecting windfall apples as an extra treat for our pigs …… this load went in 24hours !

So what is next Bacon fest in February perhaps ?

Anyway tonight’s tea for me is sausages 🙂 Cranberry and port … jacket potatoes and purple sprouting.

Kate is off delivering an order to Northamptonshire before Ombersley am. dram group…. and I am having an early night 🙂





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