A typical weekend !

One of the great things about this roller coaster adventure that we are on is that we have lots of people cheering us on, giving us encouragement and buying our produce and giving us great feedback.

Saturdays in particular are good for me because as I work in the shop I get to meet like-minded people who value good food from happy animals.

This Saturday in particular was what is becoming a typical Saturday  …….

So the alarm went off at 5 and we leapt into action…. Well staggered to the kettle and made the first cup of coffee for the day …..

Kate was off to a local Farmer’s market and I was on morning rounds and then opening the shop for business!

Those first couple of hours in the dark were very useful for cleaning the caravan as it had got in a pickle and I knew that at the end of the day I would not want to do anything other than flake out!

Morning rounds were great … I love working with the pigs and the piglets are just crazy and the litters are mingling and romping around together….. I am pretty sure that this evening they were playing British Bulldog !!!1130



The Chickens are still laying reasonably well considering the day length….


And the turkeys are growing and getting noisier!


Opening the shop was ok then the customers came … before I was quite ready …. I like a moment or two to put the display on and make sure all the labels are on and that I know what and where everything is  ….. this weekend we had some Scotch pies .. made with our mutton on sale and they looked great …… and later when I bought one for lunch tasted great too.

So I started busy and played catch up all day.

Kate  (bless her) came home to pick something up and ended up cutting more joints as they were flying out of the shop …… flying pork ….. flying pigs …. It all happens here!

So we ended up with both of us in the shop and needed us both… we are getting better at dodging round each other as we cut and weigh and serve our customers.

Our customers are also becoming regulars and it is great to chat about what they are cooking. One gent who bought some belly pork was roasting it with fennel …. So later when I put our tea in the stove ….. belly pork I found some fennel seeds that I sprinkled on the top  …. And it was even more delicious than usual. …..and  to be repeated. By 4 pm when we were ready to shut up for the week we had a last minute rush and it was about 5 by the time we called it a day. Although we close at 4 it takes some time to clean the shop down so we are always around for a couple of hours…. And people seem to be cottoning on to the fact.

As I have hinted tea was delicious and a quick game of Scrabble which I lost and we were ready to call it a day at 8.30 pm.

Today Sunday is the day of rest so we give the animals a lie in and don’t start morning rounds until 9. How else would the pigs know what day of the week is was!

I have managed an afternoon snooze and Kate had a bit of a lie in so basically we are in pretty good shape for the week ahead.

Next weekend will not be a usual weekend as we are at the Christmas Fair at the Jinny Ring on Saturday and Sunday. So Tara is helping Kate on Saturday while I am in the shop and we will both be there on Sunday .

We had thought we might go to the cinema this evening …. To see Dame Judy in her latest but the 7.30 showing is too late for us and we have missed the 5 o’clock showing L Maybe we will see it on dvd .

So Kate has made a hotpot for tea and it will be ready soon so I am signing off for now …..

One last thing …. If you are wanting one of our turkeys for Christmas …. Get your order in now as they are selling out fast !

Link to Christmas order form

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