Operation Christmas !

Phew well only 9 more sleeps til the big day but even more important …. only 6 more sleeps until Turkey collection day!!

So yesterday Kate spent in the office finalising the orders and I spent the day cutting and packing up bacon orders …. that may not sound like hard work but 32 Christmas boxes each have 200 g of streaky and 200 g of short back and then there were the individual orders so I was kept very busy and not a drop of blood was spilt 🙂


All in all it is pretty full on we are up at 5.30 and bed anytime around now and the list just seems to get longer…. we have no Christmas tree , I haven’t written any cards and we have no Whiskey in the caravan.
The caravan is a pickle ….. and Mum is coming to stay for Christmas !!! When will I ever get around to cleaning and tidying?

Anyhow I am sure that our orders will be ready and the pigs in blankets will be made in time …….
It seems ages since our first Christmas here in the campervan

Willow farm 1

and it could be so much harder if the weather was colder !!




So any of you planning on coming over to the shop or to collect your turkeys …. it is a bit muddy…. but we will be happy to see you and show of what we have achieved so far.

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