Kate Daniels media star!

So Kate is on the radio tomorrow morning at 6. 30 am as Farming Today came to the farm today to record and interview with her. I don’t know how she had time as Operation Christmas is in full flow … but she did and I will be glued to the radio tomorrow to hear what she said!

The week on Farming today has been all about Small holdings / Small farms and it was even suggested that it was a hobby !!!!

This is no hobby… it is a vocation….. keeping animals as we would be like to be kept if we were them and producing exceptional meat products.

Kate is so good at talking as quickly as she thinks … and that is quick !!


2 thoughts on “Kate Daniels media star!

  1. Alison Shearsmith

    Can’t promise to be up at 0630 but will catch it later. Hope you got our Xmas email OK (sent to Kate’s email address).

    Have a wonderful Xmas and see you in 2014.

    Lots of love Ali and Pete xx

  2. Pedr ap-Ioan

    I heard you on “Farming Today” Kate!! And enjoyed listening !!
    Any minute now, I thought, she’s going to tell Radio 4 listeners and the world about her right hand man Harri the Welsh Sheepdog!!!!?
    I guess He must have had the day off or something? mind you, I am sure I heard a little bark somewhere in the background..”Woof…and what about me then?..Woof” you know the sort of thing! Anyway swiftly moving on (cause I’m firmly in camp Nigella, Oops I mean camp Harri)…………….
    Nadolig Llawen, a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb, ac Harri!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all, and Harri!

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