Operation Christmas Update !

So we are nearly there …. tomorrow is Christmas Eve and only 6 more deliveries to go …. well that is by me .. Kate is currently somewhere off the M25  delivering Christmas to some of our lovely long distance customers.

We had 52 Christmas orders collected from the farm yesterday and thank goodness it wasn’t today as the winds have been quite scary at times. The shop sign has been taken in as it was at risk of taking off and the hatches are battened down.

The fire is lit and I am off to bed soon…. I know it is not even 8 pm yet…. it is 5.20 but I am collecting a pig from the slaughter house tomorrow for a pig roast and then delivering to Malvern and Evesham, before returning home and collecting Mum to start our Christmas.

The caravan is a little bit tidier, presents still need wrapping, and Kate is opening the shop for a few hours tomorrow after all!

Oh and as to Kate Daniels superstar ……..thanks to Cameron Leask of Escrivo…here’s the link to the radio show  http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/bigscreen/radio/episode/b03m3j6p/  . We have had loads of lovely comments and one person has asked if Kate has written a book ….that is what the blog is for 🙂


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