Hurrah time to blog !!

OOOPS ! It has been so long since I blogged that I have almost forgotten how !

So why have I not been filling in you guys on the latest happenings at Willow Farm ….. well mainly cos I would have just been moaning on about the rain and the dark and the cold and feeling tired 😦


The shop sign blew over in the winds and we are still waiting to put it up…. and we have been closed for the past 2 weeks for maintenance …. well actually we have been away on holiday…. to Lanzarote to celebrate my 50th birthday with my lovely family. We have slept and relaxed and laughed and I beat everyone at table tennis and so refreshed we returned on Thursday and are ready to continue living the dream here in Worcestershire!

We have 2 pigs due to farrow anytime soon, we have lots of mud and puddles…. but in a few months we will be wishing for rain I guess.

So I will endeavour to continue to keep updating the blog on our adventures. The shop was open again today and Kate was in charge…. She is currently having a snooze in the caravan. I was on farm duties and have fed and watered everyone and collected the eggs. I have also cooked a lovely tea ….. lamb breast slow roasted with onions and some curry spices and will be crashing about making okra curry stuff to go with it.
Tomorrow I will endeavour to get ready for my other job and clean my car and make sure my shoes are polished and my uniforms ironed.
Sorry about the lack of photos today but technical problems are occurring with my camera…. I will sort it don’t worry.

Also lambing live 2014 will be kicking off in April and our ewes are looking good 🙂

So we are still farming and still producing our excellent pork and lamb and the chickens are still laying eggs with the yellowest yolks and Spring is on its way 🙂

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