Back to reality !

Well what a week !!!! and where to begin filling you in on our adventures …. living the dream!
So Sunday morning last week we had our first batch of piglets 2014.


Snowdrop had 8 little lovelies and Primrose was not going to be far behind her. So we decided due to the inclement weather we would move Primrose into the barn to farrow as the weather was just horrid. With our trusty helpers Emma and the kids, Daniel and Annie … Primrose was settled into the barn and I was just about to go for a snooze …. when she walked past the caravan on a mission … having lifted the gate off its hinges and escaped.


She had a good look around the barn and eventually we got her safely back in her pen and she had 5 piglets on Monday night 🙂

So Sunday afternoon after all the pig fun we cleaned the stove chimney ….. and had a few problems … I got the brush stuck so Kate had to climb on the roof and push it down and we then couldn’t get the oven back in. Undeterred we had a fire and on Monday when I got home from work ( very tired) I found all the windows open and the fire nearly out. So I stoked up the fire, closed the windows and went to find Kate in the barn. She then informed me we had a problem and the stove was leaking Carbon monoxide so she was letting the fire go out ….. whoops! So Benson and I went to my Mum to sleep and Kate spent most of the night in the barn as we had sheep and pigs to load at 5.30 am. Benson thought it was great …. gas fire, double bed and I had a difficult night with the elbows Benson convinced he should sleep under the duvet and Mum’s cat moved out. Kate was ok and that was the evening we had 5 piglets.

So Wednesday night Kate mended the stove….

and this afternoon I finished the job by cementing back in the chimney. So this evening the fire is lit … the Carbon monoxide monitor is quiet and I have shoulder of lamb roasting in the oven.

So all in all we have had a bit of a week. Life is tough, but we are still both singing in harmony from the same hymn sheet, but the hymn this week has been more Fight the good fight than All things bright and beautiful !

But on a positive note … I heard the skylarks singing yesterday and we have some gorgeous happy piglets.


One thought on “Back to reality !

  1. Sam Merridale

    You are both amazing. What a tale – or even curly piggly wiggly tail!! – for a week!! Keep smiling, your posts always make us smile, and congratulations on your latest arrivals!! And I am soooooo glad that the soft furnishings have survived!!!! 😀 Take care. xx

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