Lazy Sunday Mornings…..

Lazy Sunday mornings are few and far between …. but I can officially announce that today we have had one !

How have we achieved that you may ask ?

Well it is all about reframing things …….. so Ok I woke up at 6.30 as usual and went out and fed the pigs, and topped up their water and checked on the chickens and ducks and then got in the van and drove to check and feed the ewes…….. not much different to yesterday morning ….. but then I stopped and bought Sunday papers and returned to bed. Despite having trodden on the hairdryer making it start whirring, and put logs on the fire … Kate was unaware of my exploits and at 8.40 very kindly offered to do the rounds !

It is kind of like having the best of both worlds …. because I love our life here on the farm and I love lazy Sundays … I enjoyed  looking at the pictures in the Sunday paper magazines but felt quite out of touch with a lot of the materialism there is to be found there. Although I did notice an advert for Hunter Wellies and also the Observer had a recipe pullout thing and there are several recipes I look forward to trying ….. Lamb shoulder….. Lamb shanks….. and Belly pork and more.

So all in all a good weekend……. next plan is to go off for a walk with the dogs … maybe a pint and then home for stuffed turkey leg with roasties and purple sprouting and a jolly good game of Scrabble.

Yesterday morning I got to spend some more time with the livestock …. this is Babe and the Girls…. handsome fella isn’t he!

babe and girls

This is a little piglet having a wee ……………… boy or girl ?? Answers on a postcard please 🙂

piglet weeing

And this is the tractor loaded with straw to give them fresh bedding .



I will tell you more about why our lazy Sundays are soon to be a thing of the past soon ………Watch this space 🙂


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