Lambing Live 2014

So we are ready 🙂
jr 001

Today I have a day off work…. so nothing will happen.
All the ewes are gathered in the field near the barn and we begin the wait.
The lambing shed / turkey shed is set up with mothering up pens and all is tidy. Kat has been over and helped out setting things up… it is a bit different to when Kat helped us out first, a couple of years ago …. B. E. before electricity! Then we had a smaller flock and lambed in the barn and the noisy generator was providing the power to our heat lamps and lighting.


I wont say we are rested and ready ourselves as all is quite hectic as per usual.
Today we had a batch of pigs that needed separating … boys and girls in separate pens. It sounds straight forward but it isn’t! We loaded them into the trailer 5 at a time and checking for boy bits divided them into groups in the trailer and released them into different pens. Coaxing them into the trailer with food was quite easy to begin with as the most confident pigs charged in… the last shy few took some coaxing… hence we have no bananas left! Anyway it is all done and they are happily exploring their new homes.
Me… I smell of pig poo…. my jeans are filthy and so am I !

jr 013

Anyway back to the lambing …. Nothing is happening !!!

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