Littleblackpig at The Jinny Ring.

Last Christmas Kate and I had a stall at the Christmas Fayre at the Jinny Ring, a local Craft Centre that has an amazing restaurant and craft shop. We have been there often with friends and family as it is a great place to go for a mooch around the various craft shops, hat maker, flowers and plants, glass blower etc. and a great place for lunch of a cuppa and piece of cake. Jinny Ring link

Well anyway starting last Saturday we are having a stall there every Saturday and Sunday and Bank Holiday for the next 6 months 🙂

jr 008

We are selling our lovely sausages, bacon and eggs and faggots too 🙂 I have Kate making sausages just about all week anytime she has spare. I am asking her to make our traditional sausages for every week and then a couple of different varieties our speciality sausages too.


Kate made about 160lbs of sausages last week….. and now complains of sausage stuffer’s hand. Each sausage is hand made and I am nearly as expert as Kate but I cant link them.
sausage making 032

I can get them to this stage but rely on Kate to turn them into sausages and not leave them as one very long sausage. I thought I could do it, cos I thought they were just twisted …. but it is not as simple as that ! I expect one day to learn but at the moment I am failing 😦

Our eggs sold well this weekend… and I am expecting lots of returning customers next week…. there really is nothing like our eggs for beautiful yellow yolks… it must be something to do with free ranging them on the grass.

jr 005

We are selling veg too and also taking orders for all the usual joints and cuts of meat we sell in our Farm shop.

sausage making 038

How do I manage to work full time as a Nurse and now work Saturdays and Sundays too …. well I love it .. I love my Nursing role and I also love what we are doing here on the Farm and really enjoy showing off our produce which I am so proud of. Also the Jinny Ring does seem to attract lovely people, both working there and mooching there too So it is not really like work… and I get to stay clean 🙂

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